How Much Water Should I Drink While Nursing

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When the mother breastfeeding mother indirectly giving fluids to the little one in the form of breast milk. This is the cause why during breastfeeding, the mother needs to get the extra fluid than while not breastfeeding. Basically, the amount of liquid that mother remove included in form of BREAST MILK should be proportional to the amount of fluid being entered.
The average infant children age 6 months to consume breast milk around 950 ml per day, and 90 percent of the components of BREAST MILK is water, this is a rough depiction of the need additional fluids for breastfeeding Moms. Lactation experts recommend mother to add about 4 glasses of fluid outside the basic needs reach recommendation 8 glasses per day.
Please keep in mind that this does not mean that the more the mother drinking water will be more and more milk production. Results of the study reveal, impose a number of liquids in drinking too much can lower milk production.

Fluid consumption tips for breastfeeding Moms

Here are suggestions for proper fluid meets the needs of nursing mothers so they are not dehydrated.
 Make it a habit to bring a bottle wherever breastfeeding mothers go, and always prepare a glass of water near mothers who are breastfeeding.
 drink enough water when thirst and add a little of the usual. Please remember, thirst is not the only indicator of less body fluid.
• avoid consumption of caffeinated drinks. In addition to the caffeine content can enter into the breast milk and not good for the baby, caffeine acts as a diuretic or triggers urination.
 Consumption of at least 8 glasses of water plus an extra few glasses each day to ensure that nursing mothers are quite fluid.
As long as the mother get used to drinking 8 glasses of fluid plus several extra glasses, the mother does not have to worry about a shortage of body fluids during breastfeeding.
White water vs. other beverages to mother breastfeeding
White water ranks first as a source of liquid the recommended experts to nursing mothers. If the mother wants to consume other types of drinks such as syrup or juice, limit the amount because the drinks generally contain calories high enough so that potentially increase your weight.
Alternative nursing mothers can add natural fruit juice into white water, such as lemon juice. If the mother often drink the juice, the juice should preferably be dissolvedwith water to lower sugar levels. Fruit juice is indeed poor but rich in vitamins nutrition other so konsumsinya should be limited.
Fizzy drinks and tea should also in the decrease, if not inevitable at all. Fizzy drinks generally contain high sugar while tea contains alkaloids that can inhibit the absorption of iron in the body of the nursing mothers.

Mechanism of action of hormones BREAST MILK

When nursing mothers are less consume fluids, hormones involved in produsi breast milk will set the process such that it will not be too affected the volume of milk produced, but less fluid intake on a nursing mother can trigger the occurrence of constipation, feeling limp, and decreased concentration.
Nursing mothers should be wary of esktra with these symptoms, and  mmediately add liquid intake so the signs appear. One of the simple indicator of the condition of body fluids is the color of the urine, if urine is colorless or yellow fade, indicating they are quite liquid, otherwise if the color of the urine tends to be darker, it signifies the nursing mothers need to immediately increase your intake liquid


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