Nursing And Pregnant At The Same

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While breastfeeding can we get pregnant again?

Nursing And Pregnant At The Same . When we’re feeding, all of a sudden we declared pregnant by a doctor. How did the views of the experts of the content? Dangerous or safe for the baby and his mother?

According to expert ASSESSMENT Dr. Eveline PN, SpA from St. carolus HOSPITAL in Jakarta, if your pregnancy is declared healthy by doctors, continue breastfeeding. Naturally the body will prioritise the giving nutrients to the growing fetus, without reducing the portion required to form the breast milk.

Some research also concluded, as long as the mother is healthy there is no theory that menvonis breast feeding can trigger a miscarriage or premature labor. The presence of the hormone oxytocin which removed the body while breastfeeding, feared would stimulate uterine contractions. Whereas, the uterus has staying power is strong enough to prevent the effects of the hormone oxytocin.

Continue breastfeeding if:

Pregnancy is declared healthy and normal by doctors.

Age of babies under 6 months. Recommendation of the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics susui, baby is at least a year, while the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recommendations, 2 years or more.

In fact, keep breastfeeding easier done than wean.

Keep nursing familiarize older sister adjust to or share it with your sister. Opportunities manifest greater if you keep feeding the baby and brother simultaneously (tandem nursing).

Stop if:

High-risk pregnancy was declared by doctors, for example, have a history of miscarriage.

There are contractions or premature persalian signs such as low back pain, pressure in the lower part of the pelvic floor, cramps, out lenders, blood or amniotic water. If it happens soon lie down, contact your doctor for the best way out.

In order for sufficient nutrition

Reasonable if arises a sense of worry that by providing BREAST MILK on the eldest means you have taken a portion of nutrients that must be given to fetuses. But did you know, nature has to equip your body to prioritise the giving nutrients to the growing fetus without reducing the portion channeled to form the breast milk.

So, you do not need to worry about a fetus or her brother malnutrition.

As long as you look at the diet by keeping a balanced nutritional intake in daily diet and consuming enough fluids, i.e. at least 8 glasses per day, then both of them will have a good nutrition intake as well. In addition, in order that the stay fit, keep the condition and health of the body with light exercise and rest with enough



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