Pear Health Benefits For Our Body

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Pear Health Benefits For Our Body – Pear is a fresh fruit because of high water content, and has a sweet and delicious taste. Pear is imported fruit, but now in Indonesia has been sold, even the traditional market though.

Pear Health Benefits For Our Body

In addition to delicious and fresh, pear also contains and high nutritional value. Some of the benefits of pear for health include its ability to help in losing weight, improving digestion, improving heart health, regulating body fluids, reducing blood pressure, improving cognitive abilities, preventing cancer, wound healing and tissue repair, preventing birth defects, improving the immune system body, reduce inflammation, increase metabolism, improve blood circulation, protect against osteoporosis, and beneficial to health, eyes, and hair.

Facts Nutritional Content of Pears

Pears have also been known to have drug benefits for thousands of years. Modern health science now tells us that Pears contain minerals, vitamins, and other potentially healthful compounds. Active compounds in pear are potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, phenolic, folate (vitmin B9), fiber, copper, manganese, magnesium, and vitamin B-complex.

Here are some important benefits of pear for health

 Digestive and Intestinal Health:

 pear fiber content plays an important role for human digestion. A serving of pears provides 18% of the daily fiber intake requirement, so it is very strong for health and digestive function. Much of the fiber in a pear is an insoluble fiber, which means acting as a collecting agent in the gut. Fiber will accumulate food making it easier to pass through the gut.

In addition, it stimulates the secretion of the stomach and digestive juices so that the food can move gently, in a more digestible state. This will regulate the bowel movements and reduce the possibility of constipation and diarrhea, as it adds bowel movements. Also, the sandy pear fiber properties help bind cancer-causing agents and free radicals in the colon and protect them from damaging effects.

Benefits Of Pears Weight Loss

Pears are high in fiber containing nearly 20% of the body’s daily suggested amount of fiber. Fiber also helps the body feel full longer, so eating a healthy between-meal snack, such as an Apple + Pear fruit bar, will keep you going until dinner making it less likely you’ll “over snack.” Fiber helps the body absorb vital minerals and vitamins from food, and it helps maintain digestive system regularity.

Pear Health Benefits For Our Body

Pears serve up an energy boost without a crash. Pears are high in fructose and glucose, so they provide a natural energy boost. Unlike many other fruits; however, pears have a low glycemic index. This low glycemic index results in a slower carbohydrate absorption in the bloodstream. Since this transition is slow, there is no rapid spike and fall of blood sugar. With stable blood sugar, there is less craving for more food.

Pears also help reduce inflammation. Losing weight is difficult without, at least, light exercise. Activity lessens when joint and muscle pain begins. Pear juice has anti-inflammatory properties that help those suffering from medical conditions limiting movement. The more active a person remains; the easier weight loss becomes.



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