Cardiovascular Endurance Health Definition

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The cardiovascular system is the organ of the heart and blood vessel tissue. The word cardiovascular derives from the word “cardio” meaning heart, and “vascular” which means the vascular tissue.

Cardiovascular health, also known as cardiorespiratory endurance, is the term used for form.

cardiovascular endurance health definition

In essence, it illustrates the efficiency at which the lungs, heart, and blood system work to provide oxygen for the muscles of the body that work, so that muscle power can be choked.

 there are many factors that can affect our cardiovascular health, including heart rate, stroke volume, and the ability of muscle cells to take oxygen from the blood. When we exercise, our bodies are on the verge of aerobics (which we will explain later), and cause some changes to occur in our bodies.
Metabolism begins to rise, muscles increase metabolism, the efficiency of blood returns to the heart increases, and ultimately efficiency where our liver work also increases in giving blood to the tissues that work.

Understanding Cardiovascular Health?

Cardiovascular health is the perfection of heart and blood vessel function in organizing blood circulation. Health problems associated with blood circulation due to impaired heart or blood vessel function is called cardiovascular disease.

Why Cardiovascular Health Is So Important?

The heart and blood vessels are vital organs and tissues for life. Health problems in the cardiovascular system can be a deadly cardiovascular disease, especially heart disease and stroke.

Heart disease occurs due to impaired heart function due to tissue damage in the heart. Stroke disease occurs because obstruction of blood flow to the brain because blood vessels in the brain clogged or broken.

There are many other types of cardiovascular diseases such as cardiomyopathy, valvular heart disease, pericarditis, aortic aneurysm, etc.

Cardiovascular disease can be caused by tissue abnormalities, genetic factors, or lifestyle factors. In reality cases of cardiovascular disease due to lifestyle factors are more prevalent and tend to increase. One’s cardiovascular health can be one of the benchmarks of the level of healthy lifestyle he lived.

Healthy lifestyle not only can prevent cardiovascular disease but also reduce the risk of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc.

How Can You Improve Cardiovascular Health?

The condition of a person’s cardiovascular health often illustrates the extent to which the person is living a healthy lifestyle. Implementing a healthy lifestyle can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Several ways to improve cardiovascular health by applying lifestyle include the following.
• Eat a healthy diet in a balanced way
• Exercise regularly
• Strives for normal weight
• No smoking and no alcohol

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