Why Is Nursing School So Hard To Get Into

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Why is nursing school so hard to get into. Many aspiring children who want to become a nurse. But going to the school is very difficult. Many requirements and also very expensive cost. But what is exciting is that the language already in school succeeds in making all the programs running on their program. Actually, looking at the student retention rate of a nursing program is probably one of the best ways to make sure they are difficult.

For example, with a study in America, a full three-year full-year retention rate of 90 percent for those in undergraduate nursing programs. And about 80 percent for those who follow the program. * That means the person enrolled into a registered nurse (RN) can stay in school and keep going.

why is nursing school so hard to get into

Is it Difficult to Get into a Nurse School?

It depends on several factors. So there is no simple answer. But prospective nurses now have more educational options to be pursued beforehand. If one school proves to be difficult to enter, chances are you will have another school in your area that is worth exploring.

The main thing to keep in mind is every school that has its own admission permit. And this policy can vary substantially from school to school. It matters, depending on your particular situation, you may succeed better to get into some other schools. Here’s what you may or may not face when signing up:


Due to the high demand of nurses in America, this field attracts many people who want to get training for it. In fact, more than half of all health care students in the U.S. currently in a nursing program. ** in some areas of the country, there are more applicants than seats in the program available. You may be facing some competition for one of those seats, especially among schools that have a very selective reputation. So things like your average or high (GPA) may be important. In some selective schools, you may need a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Most nursing schools require applicants to pass the exam that measures basic academic subjects such as math, english, reading comprehension, and science. Testing is popular in many schools. Essential Academic Skills Tests (TEAS), Nursing Entrance Tests (Mental Entrance Checks), HESI Assessment Exam, and Sle Wonderlic (Scholastic Exam). Some schools will also receive the latest SAT or ACT values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are above a certain level. So it’s hard to get into nursing? It should not be too difficult you remember many things that you have in high school. And you can always get some practice tests and review material to prepare it first.

Prerequisite Requirements

In public colleges, you may need to complete some basic courses before applying to a nursing program. The courses are usually in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and medical terminology. However, of course it does not have this requirement. Instead, they include all these basic courses as part of their nursing program.

Applicants in some nursing schools should pass drug tests and re-examination before they can qualify for the program.

Waiting List

Nursing programs in many public and community colleges have a waiting list that can be for two to three years. But in a school building, vocational, and technical personal, you can start your program immediately after it is accepted.

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