Chocolate Health Benefits and Risks

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chocolate health benefits and risks. Chocolate nutritious foods and vitamins. Very beneficial for the health of our body. In addition, chocolate is also useful for beauty. No wonder if chocolate is very popular with women. If you are depressed, drink a glass of warm chocolate. Chocolate can lower the level of human depression.



Chocolate contains alkaloids such as theobromine, phenethylamine, and anandamide, which have physiological effects on the body. These contents are often associated with serotonin levels in the brain. According to scientists, chocolate is eaten in normal amounts regularly can lower blood pressure.

Black chocolate lately get a lot of promotions because it benefits health when consumed in moderation, including anti-oxidants that can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body.

Chocolate Health Benefits

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

Chocolate is a substance that contains compounds that function to calm the nerves are tense. By eating chocolate then one’s feelings will become more relaxed, therefore by eating chocolate can lower blood pressure

Dark chocolate has been shown in studies to lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. And eating dark chocolate on a regular basis has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol by as much as 10 percent.

The Benefits of Chocolate For Health and Beauty


Prevent heart disease

A chocolate bar can help you to prevent heart disease because it contains some chemicals that make your cardiovascular system run smoothly. Especially dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack with a percentage of nearly 50% and coronary disease by 10%.

Contains High Antioxidants

based on the results of research turned out to contain chocolate flavanol, a type of flavanoid found in chocolate. Flavanoids are compounds that form naturally in plant foods and act as antioxidants and help counteract free radicals in the body.

Contains Anti-Depression

The results also prove that Chocolate contains serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. By eating Chocolate can also stimulate the body to produce endorphin enzymes, which play a role to create feelings of happiness and happiness. A study found that melting chocolate in the mouth produces a feeling of happiness longer. So when you feel in a state of stress or stress a time to enjoy chocolate.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Many people assume that with chocolate mugakan it can cause damage to the teeth. Actually that makes damage to the teeth instead of chocolate but the sugar contained in chocolate snacks. So no matter you eat chocolate as long as the discipline brush your teeth. The results have found that in chocolate there is theobromine which can prevent tooth decay by removing streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that contribute to tooth decay in the oral cavity. So who says chocolate is dangerous? precisely the benefits of chocolate for dental health is good yes.

Low fat content

Cocoa powder is the main ingredient in low fat chocolate. So you do not have to worry in consuming chocolate in weight problems. However this can change when you consume a large amount.

Improve blood circulation

Flavonoids, as mentioned earlier, are present in chocolate and they also help in improving blood circulation for 2-3 hours after you consume them. By dilating blood vessels in the brain, flavonoids increase blood flow.

Make Longevity

The results of a study conducted in the Netherlands that followed 200 men over 20 years, found that men who consumed large amounts of chocolate, be it dark chocolate and milk chocolate, he was older and has lower levels of the climber. Based on these studies note that chocolate contains substances that can slow aging. Consumption of chocolate on a regular basis can reduce wrinkles and protect the skin from sunburn

Avoid chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a threat to one’s health and happiness. This disease causes headache, body pain, heart and breathing problems. But eating about 50 grams of chocolate everyday helps to avoid chronic fatigue syndrome. If someone has already suffered from this syndrome, chocolate helps in fighting it as well.

Chocolate improves eye health.

By eating chocolate then we can get the benefits of increased health of our eyes. This is because the blood flow to the retina increases well and can help improve eyesight and strength of our eyes.

Chocolate reduces cancer risk.

Cocoa, or chocolate, contains antioxidants that stop the growth of cancer, by causing certain proteins in the body to deactivate the parts that produce tumor cells. Good enough is not it?

Chocolate can smooth the skin.

Flavanols found in chocolate can protect us from UV rays, keep our skin moist and keep it shining. Chocolate also helps maintain skin elasticity and rejuvenate our skin cells. So the black spots, rough skin will be far from the skin we have.

Chocolate helps us to lose weight.

Chocolate not only gives a happy effect but also can help in the diet program you want to do. Fiber-rich chocolates like bread, wheat and fruit can help you to diet.

Chocolate is very good for Brain Health

You may be surprised if chocolate can also make smart you know. Chocolate that can make our nerves relax can help the brain working system that works to control all organs. Includes a sense of fun that will make you enjoy for the activity.

Chocolate boosts natural insulin production.

By eating chocolate, then we just as much to increase the production of insulin naturally. It also helps lower your risk of developing diabetes. By eating chocolate we also get additional energy to reactivate.

the benefits of chocolate for beauty

Protects from the sun’s UV rays

The content of flavonoids in dark chocolate has proven effective to relieve sunburn. Besides used as a mask, black chocolate also provides similar properties when enjoyed.

Moisturizes the skin and removes dead skin cells

Iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E are some of the nutrients that can be found in dark chocolate. Diligent use of black chocolate mask was able to make the skin more moist because dead skin cells quickly lifted.

Nourish hair

The content of copper, zinc, and iron are some minerals in dark chocolate that also stimulate hair growth. So eating dark chocolate every day will indirectly launch blood circulation to the scalp.

Maintain skin Wrinkles and fine lines

The pleasure that is felt when eating dark chocolate certainly lowers one’s stress. Hormone cortisol causes stress also decreases, so the less collagen is damaged and the beauty of the skin is maintained. The skin will also avoid wrinkles and fine lines.

Beautiful hair

In addition to the skin, dark chocolate provides a beautiful benefit to the hair. Use black chocolate as a mask to get smooth, soft, and shiny hair…….


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