Benefits Of Sweet Potato For Health

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Benefits Of Sweet Potato For Health. The benefits of sweet potato leaf may still be rare in the know. Because in general we only eat the tuber only. However, in addition to tubers that serve as alternative food, the leaf is also in fact worthy for consumption. Usually this leaves are often made in stir.

Vitamin C, B vitamins are some of the water soluble vitamins. In a sense, the body does not store its excess and throw it through the urine. So with the deminkian both bulbs and leaves can be consumed in large quantities.

what health benefits do sweet potatoes have

Beneficial to reduce the risk of heart disease

Benefits Of Sweet Potato For Health

In addition, sweet potato leaves contain excellent nutrients to maintain healthy body, of course very well consumed for elderly parents who are also very susceptible to heart disease. (Read also: Natural Herbal Remedy For Preventing and Overcoming Heart Disease)

Helpful to help accelerate the healing of bruises

Benefits of sweet potato leaves for other body health is very useful for those of you who have body condition of hemophilia.

Useful for hair health

Benefits of sweet potato leaves for other health that is useful to maintain the health of our hair. In this sweet potato leaves produce collagen production which can give effect of luster on hair also make hair stronger and healthier.

Useful for treating ulcers

Ulcers will be accelerated by the content of the ingredients possessed by sweet potatoes. So the boils will be more quickly mature and easily broken.

Useful as anti diabetic

Sweet potatoes will make the blood sugar levels do not rise too high, so will avoid diabetes risk disease.

Makes skin and hair healthier

Vitamin A which is also present in sweet potato leaves is also an important component for the growth of skin regeneration and for wound healing. In addition, the content of this sweet potato leaves can also help in the formation of glycoproteins which are a combination of proteins and sugars that are useful in binding the soft tissue forming cells in your skin. The leaves of these tubers also produce collagen production which helps to give a healthy glow to your skin and hair.

Well, that’s some of the benefits and benefits of sweet potato leaves for health as a whole. Hopefully what we have delivered on this occasion can be useful and add knowledge to improve the quality of our health.

There are many more benefits of sweet potato, we will review in the next article.

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