Benefit Health Nut Salads for Pregnant Women

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Benefit Health Nut Salads for Pregnant Women. Although it needs to eat a lot, but pregnant women must be good at choosing food.  Can pregnant women eat peanut salad? In the community itself has developed the myth that pregnant women are prohibited from eating peanuts. The news of the bird makes many pregnant women feel afraid to eat one of these types of beans because it can cause children born later will be allergic to nuts.

Peanut Content

Peanuts contain vegetable fats, high protein, lecithin, choline, calcium, folate and phosphorus. Besides peanuts are also rich in vitamin A, B complex, E and K. So it is very well consumed by pregnant women to meet the needs of body building substances, vitamins and minerals. Peanuts help improve heart function and prevent coronary heart disease.

Benefit Health Nut Salads for Pregnant Women

Even peanuts contain more protein than soybeans, egg meat. Not only good for pregnant women, even diabetics are very good to consume peanuts.

Benefits of Peanuts for Pregnant Women

As a Mineral Source

Minerals needed by the body to undergo all activities of cells and muscles. And support better organ work. lack of some important minerals can make a person experiencing problems with his health. Especially if it occurs in pregnant women. Therefore, eating peanut during pregnancy two tablespoons of peanuts ready to eat five times a week will help meet the mineral needs for the mother and fetus.

Prevent Pregnant Women from Diabetes

Pregnant women are very susceptible to diabetes, although sometimes the disease can heal after delivery later. But it can be down to his son someday, therefore the mother must be careful in keeping the food so as not to get diabetes. One of the suitable foods is peanuts, because it tastes a bit sweet but low in sugar so it will not cause diabetes.

Slimming Snacks

Pregnant women become often starved because the fetus they contain absorbs the juice from the mother’s body. Peanuts provide energy reserves so as to delay hunger. So it is suitable to be a snack for pregnant women who often feel hungry.

Fulfill the Needs of Folate

Pregnant women desperately need folate to support the development of the brain and spinal cord of her baby. Therefore, peanuts can be used as a companion menu for the mother to folat needs for the fetus is met well.

Thus the benefits of peanut for pregnant women, hopefully no longer believe in the myth of peanuts that can make his son later suffering from peanut allergy. Because actually peanuts actually provide tremendous benefits.

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