Health Benefits Of Carrots During Pregnancy

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Health Benefits Of Carrots During Pregnancy. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and beneficial to eye health. Then, what is the only nutritional content contained in carrots? No, Mam, carrots contain many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body, including pregnant women and fetuses.

For pregnant women, carrot consumption will provide additional energy. So that the mother will not get tired easily and can run the activity as usual. Below are some types of nutrients and carrot benefits for pregnancy you need to know.

Health Benefits Of Carrots

Health Benefits Of Carrots During Pregnancy

Contains complex vitamins

carrots contain other vitamins ranging from vitamin A (12,000 SI) abundant, Vitamin B, C, D to E to K. Such combinations make carrots can meet the various needs of pregnant and prospective women.

Starting from intake for healthy eyes and vision, strengthening bones and teeth, strengthens the immune system. Carrots can also increase the production of collagen. Helps the absorption of the benefits of iron in the body to nourish the skin.

Many contain calcium and potassium

The benefits of calcium in carrots ranging from pregnancy to lactation. During pregnancy, calcium can strengthen the bones and muscles of the mother. Prepare and stimulate the growth of the baby’s bones and teeth.

The benefits of potassium for pregnant women is to prevent muscle cramps common disorders experienced during pregnancy. Especially in young pregnancy. In addition, this substance is also rich in benefits to stabilize cholesterol levels, accelerate and increase blood to the brain to keep the neural tissue remains normal.

Carrots contain lots of fiber

carrots also contain fiber as a healthy food for pregnant women who facilitate digestion because it can keep the risk of constipation or constipation. carrots can also keep the weight of pregnant women remain stable so no need to worry too much about appearance during pregnancy. In addition, carrots are also good for pregnant women who have a history of diabetes because the content in it can also reduce blood sugar levels.

Beta carotene

Beta carotene in carrots looks from the orange color of this vegetable. Uniquely, the body will only convert pro-vitamin A into vitamin A as needed. However, it should maintain the portion of vitamin A consumption and ensure not overdosage because excessive consumption can lead to yellow skin (yellow baby) and even potentially negative to fetal development.

Having a normal blood pressure is one of the main keys behind a healthy pregnancy to a safe delivery.

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