Febrile seizures are febrile seizures (temperatures above 38.4 ° C per rectal) in the absence of central nervous system infection […]

What Is Preeklampsia Nursing Diagnosis For Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is the incidence of hypertension and edema due to proteinuria accompanying pregnancy […]

When the mother breastfeeding mother indirectly giving fluids to the little one in the form of breast milk. This is the cause why during breastfeeding, the mother needs to get the extra fluid than while not breastfeeding. Basically, the amount of liquid that mother remove included in form of BREAST MILK should be proportional […]

While breastfeeding can we get pregnant again? Nursing And Pregnant At The Same . When we’re feeding, all of a sudden we declared pregnant by a doctor. How did the views […]

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